Finding the Perfect College for You

From a community college to an Ivy League university, there are countless college choices. Unfortunately, many parents select a school solely based on its tuition costs. Most don’t realize it’s possible for their child to attend a wider range of institutions – perhaps even “expensive” private colleges – for less than they thought possible.

Maier & Associates College Planning will work with you and your child to determine a list of appropriate colleges, using many factors ranging from your child’s grades to a school’s historic tendency to meet families’ Expected Family Contribution. We can balance your child’s desires, (“Look, they have really cool dorms!”) with your dreams for their future … and your resources with the many aid packages, endowed scholarships and other resources offered by individual schools. And we take every single facet of the selection process into account – from those costs and financial aid packages, to the school’s reputation and distance from your home.

Why do we help families select college? Because we know that choosing the right college is just as important as choosing the right major.