It’s a Huge Menu, So Make the Best Choice

There are literally hundreds of financial assistance programs available for students to choose from – from federally funded programs to little-known regional or local scholarship funds. And like a freshman standing at the buffet, the choices can be overwhelming.

The associates or professionals at Maier & Associates College Planning will help you negotiate the cafeteria of financial aid programs so that you can cut through the fat and get the right ones on your plate. We’ll calculate your EFC, complete the FAFSA, register the FAP, confirm the accuracy of the SAR (see what we mean?) and more.

In short, there’s a whole world of forms, programs and opportunities out there, and we work with them every day.

Your College Planning professional will negotiate the best financial aid package possible, maximize your eligibility, and even determine how you can pay for college on a tax-favored basis. In other words, we’ll make the entire process a piece of cake.