Hit the Books Early

Question: What’s the best time to begin saving for college?
Answer: Early.

Unfortunately, many couples feel they that they must choose between paying for diapers and saving for a diploma. That’s not the case. While your little one is in diapers (or even sooner!) a Maier & Associates College Planning professional will work with you to select the type of college you want your child to attend, determine projected costs, then create a financial plan that will help you achieve your savings goal.

That plan will include planning your asset allocation, insurance and other finances to make the most of laws regarding college spending, as well as investment instruments to help ensure you’ll have enough money – even against rising costs – to afford your child’s college of choice.

What’s more, your College Planning professional will still work with you to secure financial aid for your college-age child, so they can, hopefully, attend the college they’ve dreamed of – at an affordable out-of-pocket cost.