We Provide Real, Time Tested Results

You’re serious about wanting to receive financial aid for college. We’re serious about finding it for you. So serious in fact, that we guarantee our work.

There are very few who specialize in the college financial aid consulting profession. As in any profession, you have top professionals, and you have those you’d be better off not doing business with. While no honest person or company can guarantee you a certain amount of financial aid, we make every attempt to get you the best federal and campus-based financial aid package possible.

  • We guarantee we will not mislead you or insult you with phony guarantees.
  • We guarantee to put our expertise to work for you, so you don’t have to become a financial aid expert.
  • We guarantee to do all applicable steps on our college-planning checklist. If we fail to fulfill our commitment to complete these steps, you are entitled to a refund of the fee you have paid to us. Please keep in mind a refund will not be considered by non-compliance on your part.

As a leading financial aid facilitation service in the area, we are convinced you won’t find another company that provides the same robust service we provide for less. In fact we are so sure, we will gladly refund you the difference should you find a company that provides our same service for less.

Maier & Associates College Planning is committed to customer service and customer satisfaction. Contact us for a complimentary consultation!